• Tommy Putz, TX – Thanks good Time
  • Thomas Putz, TX – Had a great time, hope to come back
  • Tony Wesolick,  - First rate-Top Notch – must do hunting trip
  • Tiffany Straub, OR – Absolutely amazing
  • Dan Straub, CA – Always great to return to good food, hunting with great hosts and guides
  • Bill Sherman - 1st in hospitality, hunting opportunities, real friendship to be had.  Certainly a place to come back to. A beautiful Ranch lodge.
  • Doc Yandell, OK – Even better than what I was told. Happy camper–I slept, ate and hunted good.
  • Tony Schardt, OK – Outstanding! They make you feel like family. Not a better place anywhere!
  • Robert Bradley, Ok – Wonderful experience. Thoroughly enjoyed hunt and accommodations.
  • Donnie Blanchard, HI – Fantastic time. I will never forget it.
  • Tom Seabury, HI – 1st class operation. Great animals, great folks
  • John Schardt, TX – Some of the best memories are created at this ranch! Greatest hunting camp I have ever been to.
  • Dave Owen, MI – Best Elk Bow hunt ever!  Great Aoudad Hunt.
  • Dan Wiltjer, MI – Lifelong dream, elk with a Bow!
  • John Taylor, TX – Wow, What a great place. The bulls are great; the guides are awesome, great hospitality.
  • Brandon Taylor, TX – Food was great – everyone was very nice to speak with and we had a wonderful time.
  • Matt Servant, CA – Everything was perfect! I shot a beautiful elk.  Food, hosts, guides were awesome.
  • Louis Ulrich, CA – Beautiful lodge, ranch, great hospitality. First ELK!!
  • Ed & Terri Knodle, CA – A memory that will last a life time. Thank you!
  • Virgil Rayneri, LA – I enjoyed the guides knowledge and hospitality at RCR. Great atmosphere and animals.
  • George Moore, OK – None better – 5 years – the experience and memories are the best.
  • Lance Rasmussen, CA – Fantastic Ranch and Accommodations
  • Rei Rasmusssen , OR – Great – Wonderful Hunt! Magnificent Racks!
  • Carl Bird, TX – Disneyland for hunters.
  • Jim Fincher, OK – Great Service! Beautiful Place, exceeded my expectations.
  • Terry Gorsuch, OK – Great place and service. Had a great time.
  • Dave Hanson, MN – Dream facility. Top guide service, great stalks.
  • Duane Hanson, OK – Fantastic service and facility. This is the place
  • Gerald Bergeanx, LA – way beyond my expectations!
  • Herman Luffman, Ok – super folks and accommodations – we will return.
  • Mike Blevins, CO – Superb experience, excellent staff
  • John Harrison, TX - Impressive



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