About Us

Red Canyon Ranch contains over 18,000 acres which include low (6500’ elevation) rolling hills for antelope hunting to deep canyon and draws (rising to 7200’) to hunt Elk, Mule Deer and Aoudad on 3200 acre Park. These elevations allow hunters to enjoy their hunt without the stress of adjusting to extreme high elevations.

Our 8000 square foot FOUR STAR customer rated lodge provides all the amenities while having a family atmosphere with home cooked meals and gatherings around the fire for a great evening of stories. A den and game room with televisions, pool table, glassed and open porches overlooking the ranch are sure to keep you entertained. We book four to six guests as a standard with larger parties booking the entire ranch for their private personal enjoyment and corporate meetings.

Our season runs from early September, through the rut, and into early December. Our guides work the ranch year round acquiring the knowledge and expertise to make your hunt an outstanding achievement. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a relative newcomer, it is the quality of the hunting experience here at Red Canyon Ranch that will be an unforgettable time because of the quality and quantity of animals, the beauty of the land and comfort of the lodge, leaving you eagerly awaiting your return.