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  1. HUNT AREA: 3200 acres (5 Miles Square) of medium to rugged terrain 6500′ to 7200′ elevation in which the number of quality animals outnumbers the hunters.
  2. REGULATIONS: On our private hunts, you can hunt rifle, archery or muzzleloader on the days you book September through December 19th.
  3. OPPORTUNITY: Retrieving the desired trophy you seek becomes a reality through quality control of Numbers of animals, Genetics, Age, Nutritional Food Supply and Disease Control.
  4. LODGING & MEALS: Our 8,000 sq ft Lodge was completed in 2006 and qouted as a Five Star Facility by our guests. Your home-cooked meals will be pre-pared while you sit by the fire, enjoy the wood stove and just take time to relax. There are no additional charges for staying at the ranch.
  5. OVERCROWDING: With fewer public lands available to hunt and more people interested in hunting, safety is our first priority. Preferably only four hunters will be hunting at any given time. For larger groups we rotate hunters, giving all time to hunt, to enjoy the scenery and the opportunity to relax with old and new friends.
  6. LACK OF TIME AND QUALITY OF ANIMALS ON PUBLIC LAND AND STATE HUNTS: Many hunters do not have the time to scout for the few trophies left on public land and hunting seasons are short.
  7. EXPENSES: Land owner fees, licenses, guide services, transporation and accomodations is closing the gap between public hunting and private ranching.
  8. GUIDES: We provide guides that are experienced hunters, work on the ranch year round and are familiar with the terrain in which you will be hunting.
  9. LICENSES: None required on Private Hunts. No Draw on State Regulated hunts we have landowner tags.